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Hi Peeps
(In-Game Name: X Saifon X)

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I'm am an Assassin SF runner, and can currently run to many locations in GW's, and also including a few missions. I am an experienced runner, and I pride myself in the speed and efficiency of my runs. Due to my build and EOTN ranks, I can maintain 33% fast runnng at all times without energy problems, while most sins can merely keep up 25% running and usually runs into energy problems and they cannot maintain running at all times .Please see a list below of availble runs:-


From Ascalon City to Piken Square to Yak's Bend
From Yak's Bend to Lions Arch or Beacon's Perch
From Beacon's Perch to Gates of Kryta or Lion's Arch
From Lions Arch to Ascalon City, and in reverse - 3k
From Lions Arch to Sanctum Cay or Beacon's Perch or Temple of the Ages
From Henge of Denravi to Maguuma Stade
From Bergen Hot Springs to Temple of the Ages or Beetletun, and in reverse
From Augury Rock to the mission locations in the Crystal Desert
From Camp Rankor to The Granite Citadel (via Deldrimor War Camp)
From Droknar's Forge to Marhan's Grotto (via Ice Caves of Sorrow, Iron Mines of Moladune) - 4k


Sanctum Cay Mission (Mission Only - Normal Mode & Hard Mode)
- (Bonus is possible, but not on the same run)
Elona Reach Mission (Mission & Bonus - Normal Mode & Hard Mode)


Runs available in Cantha

Luxon Side
From Cavalon to Bai Paasu Reach or Eredon Terrace or Breaker Hollow or Jade Flats (Luxon) or Aspenwood Gate (Luxon)
Kurzick Side
From House zu Heltzer to Aspenwood Gate (Kurzick) or Saint Anjeka's Shrine or Lutgardis Conservatory or Brauer Academy or Jade Flats (Kurzick)

Eye of The North

From Eye of The North (Outpost) to Gunnar's Hold
From Gunnar's Hold to Rata Sum (via Olafstead, Umbral Grotto, Vlox Falls)
From Gunnar's Hold to Doomlore Shrine (via Longeye's Ledge)
From Gunnar's Hold to Sifhalla
From Vlox Fall's to Gadd's Encampment
From Vlox Fall's to Tarnished Haven
From Vlox Fall's to Rata Sum

Full Tours of every EOTN outposts are available, beginning from EOTN outpost

I am for the most part a 'Tip' Runner. I will run to these locations and missions usually for tips. I do not set a fixed fee.

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I hope I can be of service
X Saifon X (In-Game Name)

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