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Treasure Hunter & Wisdom Title Empty Treasure Hunter & Wisdom Title

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These are great titles that you should be constantly working on, although they can take a very long time to max, and can be very expensive to max, also keep note of them. I'll explain why, this titles are also account based, so will affect every character you go.

Basically to work on these titles you must ID golds for wisdom title, and open high-end chests for treasure hunter title, a high-end chest is a chest in Hard Mode or where the key for that chest is 600g or more. You can check wiki for in-depth details.

So, why max this titles. For the wisdom title, when ever u get a gold drop, people are looking to buy 7 of them for 4.5k, so they themselves can work on the title, however if you ID them yourself and get absolutely crap mods.. you can still sell them to merchant for around 2 or 3k. But as you rank increases, I get max mods now more often.. from +30hp mods to max inscriptions, and they sell for 2 or 3k each. And ALWAYS id garbs, in the past 6 months.. I've ID'ed five +50hp vigor runes from them so far, and you all know they are around 17-19k each to sell. Oh.. and also ID offhand weapons.. and look for the inscription 'Forget Me Not'.. these max inscrptions sell for 20-25k each. There used to make 40/40 sets.. In fact any mods for 40/40 sets are usually worth 3k upwards. So, why work on these titles.. simple because you'll make more money in the long run that simply selling Unid golds to people. Someone sold me 7 garbs for 4k once.. and that was when I ID'ed one of the +50hp runes. And also watch the rune trader.. some rune's u get from garbs you can sell to merchant for 2 or 3k.. monk runes for example, or necro runes. So salvage the rune and sell to rune trader. And also.. when salvaging normal whites, blues, purples.. you will also get more material than lower ranks. I got 2 rubies salvaged once from a gold ruby maul with the highly salavable inscription.

As for the treasure hunter title, you can not only get some good drops from chests, you'll also get elite tomes, so you can make your money back easily enough from buying lockpicks. I buy my lockpicks for 1250g each from a person in kamadan. But the nice thing about this title, as you title increases, u not only increase your chances of keeping the lockpick after using it, but your drops will become sweeter, even normal gold drops from monsters become more frequent, I remember getting two elite ranger tomes from one chest, one of the sweeter drops I got.

Dont be in a rush to max these titles, I'm only just hitting rank 4 in each, just work on them as you go. Doing normal PvE or farming. But I do highly recommend to be aware of these titles. They will increase your drop rate, increase your chance of perfect mods, and increase salvaging more materials.


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