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Claw Stonereap Farm

The Stonereaper Green is to SS Necro as Woe Spreader is to MM necro hero. If you make a lot of chars, and you set up sabway a lot. Then two good greens to set them up with is both the woe spreader and the stonereaper. You can spend later in getting better weapon setups if you so choose. But these are excellent if you make a lot of toons are you can farm them easily.

The Build Template: OwZTkY/8ZS6jHRnBZIXkHKVEAAA

Use option 8 for a running skill.. I use mindbender.. It's simply to speed up the run.

The Run:

* Leave from Altrumm Ruins (only accessible after completing the Arborstone mission.)
* Run through the gate and head directly east
* Cast Perma before the first group
* First group is trapper rangers, so u may hit a trap or two, but it's fine
* Simple continue until you see stonereap
* Run directly east from here to find skybringer.
* You will need the agro from the first group though to kill stonereap
* Cast Sliver chain. It usually takes 2 casts to kill due to the lack of foes.

See below video for example

Claw Stonereap 31845-24442

Claw Stonereap The%20Stonereaper


* Make sure the rangers from the agro group are not obstructed by a wall. You'll know this if your not doing as much damage to Stonereap as you expect.

* Rangers also do cause knockdown when moving. So make sure, if you are getting in a better spot so they are not obstructed. Make sure that you have refreshed SF first.

* There is a necro farm build for this. You can check you tube for this. If you do go with necro.. There's two bosses you can farm.


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