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Post  Admin on Thu Jul 16, 2009 5:51 am

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Hi Guys

I've been asked a few times about the perma weapon of choice for both running and farming.. for me.. it's the staff. U can customise the staff with mods and inscription, to give you +20 energy...

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I personally like running with the Everlasting Ghostly Staff (Green).. It's neat and tidy. It's very difficult to get, as they only drop in Domain of Anguish. They can sell between 25k to 30k. There is only a couple of greens in the game that give perfect perma stats for running.

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However you can replicate the perfect perma staff with the following mods.

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* Any Inscribable Staff (any requirement, any attribute)
* Insightful Staff Head (+5 energy) (Around 1k)
* Inscription: Hale & Hearty (+5 Energy above 50% Health) (Around 500g)
* 20% Enchantment Staff Wrapping (Around 3k)

Also check out the following auction site to purchase mods and staffs

Hope this helps


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