Churahm & Korshek farm

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Churahm & Korshek farm Empty Churahm & Korshek farm

Post  Admin on Wed Jul 29, 2009 5:45 am

Churahm & Korshek farm

Two bosses in one farm, easy run, and highly priced elite tomes.

The Build Template: OwZTkY/8ZS6jHRnBZIXkHylZtEA

The Run:

* Leave Tihark Orchard western exit into Forum Highlands
* Start running to boss location, use video as guide
* As you come up to first mob, a group of three Roaring Ethers
* They will have blocked the bridge, so after casting your perma, get into ther agro range, and lure them away from bridge slightly
* Then run around to your left, and you should see the Rit boss Churahm up ahead
* Run up to him while maintaining perma, and cast your sliver chain on him as quickly as you can
* This usually ensures you kill any Sapphire Djinns as well, as they can hit through your perma.
* Even if they do, just use Shadow Refuge to regain any HP.
* Also pick up all drops, and salvage, you can make a stack of dust in no time.
* Feel free to farm more foes even after you farm the boss.
* Use zealious sycthe to regain energy if your running low.
* If not, just start making your way to the second boss, and use the same stradegy (use video for guide)
* Again watch out for the Sapphire Djinns, and run up to boss and sliver him quick.

See below video for example