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Commander Sadi Belai Farm

Quite a tough farm, and may take you a few runs to get it right. In fact, this wouldnt even be a farm that I would do, if it wasnt for his green. His green staff is a perfect perma staff. And very easy to sell, they can sell for up to 10k. Most I sold one was for 15k. So if it's really only his green you want, you can do these runs in normal mode.

The Build Template: OwZTkY/8ZS6jHRnBZIXkHKmctEA

The Run:

* Leave from Tihark Orchard into Forum Highlands. (Western Exit)
* Start running to boss location, use video below as guide.
* You dont need to cast perma until you come up to the first mob.
* Your SF will run out just as you come up to 2nd mob, try to recast perma before your in their agro. As they can body block you in the middle of your perma cast, and you'll have to restart.
* Ok. The next mob is one that you want to keep agro to help kill boss.
* So just run through this mob, while holding there agro, you'll see boss mob ahead, grab their agro also.
* You'll see a tall rock on your left as your running up to boss mob, go behind this rock. Use video as guide.
* You'll see the second skree mob on the left. You will want there agro as well
* Now the tricky bit. As you try to get agro from second skree mob. You will lose agro from the first skree mob.
* So you need to your perma cast. As you dont want to be in the middle of a perma cast as you trying to run back and getting agro again from first skree mob.
* So while holding agro from first skree mob and boss mob. Once you refresh your perma. Run up to second skree mob
* You will notice that first skree mob will break agro and start moving back to there patrol spot.
* So you should now have agro from second skree mob, run back and grab agro from first mob again before they get too far. Again.. use video as guide.
* And now once you mastered that.. you should notice that boss is in a nice little spot in the middle.
* It is very important not to attack boss with staff. He casts Reversal of Fortune and Shielding Hands on himself, meaning sliver will do very little damage.
* So just cast your sliver chain. And once he's below 50% health, cast 'Finish Him'. May sometimes take two or even three casts of sliver to get him. He is a monk boss after all.

See below video for example