DOA HM City of Torc'qua with PERMA BOND

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DOA HM City of Torc'qua with PERMA BOND

Post  Admin on Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:49 am

This is can also be done by 600/famine/smite monks, by here is the PERMA bonded Assassin variant in Hard Mode



Build Template: OwZTkY/8ZS6jHRnBZIXkHKV8iDA


400 ish hp SET (the lower hp the better),
Staff or Weapon Offhand with an enchanting mod
NO negative regeneration (no 15e -1 regens)


Build Template: OwQUQum+SoGpUSykm67g/TkA

Gear is very important:
SUP HEAL-headpiece
SUP PROT-chest

(Hero's hp is not important since its flagged way back)


Exit of City of Torc qua HM.
Bond yourself
Get quest
and flag your Hero near the gate NPC

Aggro the first 3 groups you see (dont forget to flag your hero within range to maintain bonds)

Mob elimination sequence

Margonite Anur Vu
Margonite Anur Ruk-Derv and Warrior

Margonite Anur Ki-Monk

Margonite Anur Tuk-Ranger

Margonite Anur Rund-Paragon

Finish off the caster type mobs left behind

If youre having touble with them fleeing, lure and line them up to a nearby wall before you sliver them up.

N.B. Ranger mobs at Torc qua spam Quickening Zephyr, so try to make use of it and cast Shadow Form ony to maintain PERMAFORM and save energy.
But be warry to use the regular SF chain if their QZ expire.

MOBS at the WALL.

After youve finished the first 3 aggroes, move towards the wall of the city, safely flagging your hero a bit way back and aggro as many patrols you see you can see without loosing your bonds.

Again, line them up (melee mobs) against the City wall before you kill them since they tend to flee when you put up sliver.
Once all the melee types are killed feel free to set your hero back as you wont need the bonds to finish the rest of the mobs. (Helps you move more freely)

At this part of the , you need only to kill the derv,warrior and (MONK= KI) type margonites and use the rest to sliver up those stationed at the wall.
Place your self just below those posted up the wall, near enough so that your sliver hit them one at a time.

After that, proceed into finishing the rest of the mobs you saved in this sequence, RANGERS (TUK), PARAGON (RUND) and the casters.
This will open up the city gates and activate the mobs patrols inside

BTW Never hit the the mobs with your staff = -2 energy per hit.


The city mobs can be aggroed and divided seperately towards the right and and left side of the City.

What I usually do is.

Get my hero bonds up
Enter the gate
Aggro the center mob and move right aggroing all patrols I see at the right side of the city (including the patrols at the upper right side and upper extreme right side of the city, FLAGGING THE HERO together, safely outside the CITY walls as I aggro.

Once aggroed, line them up a nearby wall or cliff, then I clear them following the same sequence:
DERVS and WARRIOR>monks>rangers>paragons>casters

Then I move on to the Left side of the city and aggro all the mobs I see including those an the upper left side of the city.
Line them up a wall
Clear them up on the same sequence.

N.B. If ever you get body blocked while aggroing, just cast sliver and kill some to create an escape route.


After youve cleared the city,
DONT TAKE THE QUEST INSTANTLY from the snake guy!!!!
The quest will activate JADOTH and patrols outside the city walls killing your unwarned party and hero

Make sure to FIRST flag your hero on a small nook just below the gate to stygia, safe enough from the patrols and near enough to maintain your enchants while you sliver Jadoth.

Go and take the quest, go back to hero, cast your enchant bonds. Aggro everything that spawns and move near the gate to stygia and aggro Jadoth.

Whatever happens dont step out to stygia, the environmental effect will kill you instantly. If the bosses are too far out off Stygia from the gate, lure them in with your longbow.

Again, kill off the melees first, the Healers, then Jadoth then the other bosses and lastly the casters.

The trick into seperating the bosses from the mobs, is that, if you move backwards, then the entire mob will normally follow and Jadoth will situate himself forward ahead of the entire following mob.



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Post  Dim on Mon Sep 28, 2009 2:07 am

Cool, thanks. Just made a , was getting run through Shing Jea by Tao but he wanted to go farm so I'm still level 7 Very Happy
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