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Chimor the Lightblooded Empty Chimor the Lightblooded

Post  Admin on Fri Aug 14, 2009 6:28 am

Chimor the Lightblooded Farm

A very nice green drop, daggers. Worth around 5k.. Very easy run, takes around one minute. Due to environment effect (skills take 3 extra seconds to recharge). Perma is not possible, however it's not required.

The Build Template: OwZTkY/8ZSnBZIXkHKVcbImsBCA

The Run:

* Leave Gate of the Nightfallen Lands into Nightfallen Jahai
* If there's a mob that spawned just outside outpost. Rezone
* Run round to the boss. (see video)
* If any group has spawned 'Reapers'. You can restart, as reapers do make it difficult, however it's still possible
* Stay out of any mobs agro until you target boss.
* Once dark escape has recharged, cast SF and dark. And run right up to boss
* Then simple cast skills in order from skill 2 through to skill 7. He'll be dead before u even get to skill 7.

See below video for example